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Dog Boarding in San Antonio

Kennels In San Antonio is the premier pet resort in the San Antonio area. Conveniently located in Northeast San Antonio, we offer essential pet services including dog boarding in San Antonio, grooming, doggie daycare, and training---all at affordable rates. You can be confident that your four-legged family members are in the very best hands. Your pets are our business and we love what we do!

Pet Boarding in San Antonio

Whether it’s for a day, a week, or even more, your pet will have a great time at Kennels In San Antonio. We know you’ll be missed, which is why our pet boarding in San Antonio provide extra attention and activity to keep your pet occupied and happy while you’re away. Your dog will be treated to a spacious kennel with a comfy, non-allergenic bed and a grassy yard for three or more off-leash play and exercise sessions a day. Bring your dog’s favorite bones and chew toys or select a few to buy from us for added entertainment. Our kitty guests enjoy regal accommodations with raised sleeping areas and outdoor views.


Let our talented professional groomer pamper your pooch with the latest style. Our top-notch salon provides a complete range of services, including the following:

  • Standard or special-request clips for every breed
  • Customized products to meet your pet’s individual needs, such as hypoallergenic shampoos, non-irritating flea treatments, and special skin conditioners for your pet’s health and comfort
  • Nails and ears included in every grooming
  • Advanced scheduling available
  • Pick-up time provided when you drop off your pet to make it easier to plan your day

Doggie Daycare

A happy dog, worn out from a day of play and healthy exercise, is a well-behaved dog. San Antonio dog daycare  is an excellent resource for providing your dog with the activity and socialization needed to be mentally and physically stimulated while you’re at work, shopping, or out running errands. Your dog’s day will include breakfast and multiple outdoor play sessions with individualized one-on-one activities available.


Effective communication between you and your dog is essential for a happy and satisfying relationship. Our professional instruction for dogs at least 20 weeks old is based on tested methods to teach basic obedience commands and on-leash walking techniques.

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